A WOOD carving from an uprooted tree on the beach near Fort Victoria was stolen last night (Wednesday).

The carving was made by David Wallace who spent the summer living in his car and working on the project.

It features at least 60 marine animals and wildlife including a crocodile, seal, stingray, seagull, sole, shark, dolphin, sea horse, rag worm, lobster and octopus.

Furious David said: "I am not happy. I will have to explain it to the children who come here to look at it and it will break their hearts.

"I have no words to describe how I am feeling at the moment.

"It looks as if the thieves took a hacksaw to it because there is a clean cut behind where the crocodile was.

"It was very heavy so, possibly more than one person is involved. It would take around four people to drag it away.

"It could have been loaded on to a boat or dragged or carried along the beach to a truck. Someone must know where it is.

"There are no drag marks that we can see, and there were some heavy footprints on the green, but these have been obliterated by the early morning dog walkers."

Freshwater Cllr George Cameron said: "It is ironic because we were due to have it taken away and mounted so everyone could see their wonderful work of art.

"It is scandalous that this has happened and a big let down for the Isle of Wight.

"I have been following David's work from the beginning and photographing it as he has progressed with it during the summer.

"I'm sending out information along the south coast in case it was to turn up on the Mainland, although it could still be on the Island, you never know."