From Mark Burrows, Ventnor:

What is happening to our town? It doesn’t seem a day goes by lately without police cars and vans on the streets of Ventnor dealing with drug raids, thefts and now an attack by an axe-wielding man terrorising the staff in our dear little post office.

There seems to be an increase of undesirables being dumped in Ventnor.

Are they being paid for by inner-city councils to get this flotsam off their hands?

Everytime I go into the chemist, I see queues of druggies waiting for their methadone prescription fix.

I see alcoholics staggering round the town at 10am and I can’t go on the buses without hoodies openly drug dealing on their mobiles.

Ventnor has enough problems with dog and pigeon poo on our streets without the human kind.

Thankfully we still have a police force but for how much longer?