ICE skaters and hockey players were joined by crowds of people, all campaigning against the closure of Ryde Arena two years ago.

Today (Saturday), campaigners joined hands in solidarity and stood around the closed ice rink to mark two years since AEW locked the doors of the ice rink.

Since then, rink users, families and supporters from throughout the Island community have fought to get the rink reopened.

Campaigner Robina Marshall said: "For two years now, it has sat empty and unused.

"Our talented skaters and hockey players have had to either give up the sport they love, or travel long distances to play and practice on the mainland.

"Our schools, our young people and the community have lost a valuable amenity, music lovers have lost an arena, and not only have we lost a venue that once attracted visitors to the Island but a busy tourist route is blighted by an empty building making a poor impression on our visitors.

"Our community is being ignored. Our Island and its needs have been dismissed as unimportant.

"We have been ignored for too long."