Name and address supplied but withheld:

TIMES are better than we thought — or are they? Early in September we contacted four Island companies (three for a Conservatory, one for blinds), all of whom within a few days, came to measure up and assured us of a prompt response with a quotation for the work.

On Monday this week — having had no response — we phoned each of them to see what had happened to their promised quotes. One claimed to have sent it to the wrong address and e-mailed it — with a total for the work with no breakdown of how they had arrived at the figure. The others promised to look into it and get back to us that day; we are still waiting.

One made a follow-up appointment and to date has neither turned up for it nor apologised for non appearance.

If we are not of interest to you, just tell us and we will not have to waste our and your time. We want to spend the money to have work done and would prefer to use Island traders.

We have wasted three weeks getting nowhere and have to start all over again in our search for a company to provide the appropriate services. We like where we live and would prefer not to have to relocate to gain the home configuration we require.