ALMOST 30 per cent of cancer patients being treated on the Isle of Wight waited more than two months for treatment.

Between April and June this year, the trust also had six patients waiting more than 104 days for treatment.

Data released by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, and seen by the board last Thursday, shows the trust to be the worst performing in the Wessex area for cancer patient wait times between April and June this year.

The national target is to have 85 per cent of patients seen within 62 days for treatment following an urgent referral.

However, on the Isle of Wight, just 71 per cent of patients were seen in less than 62 days for treatment between April and June.

For patients with breast cancer, 90 per cent of referrals were seen within two weeks.

The Isle of Wight was ranked 138 out of 150 trusts across the country for cancer wait times between January and March 2018.

Director of acute services, Nikki Turner, said the reason for the high number of breaches was the low numbers being treated on the Island.

Specialist cases are sent off Island for treatment and In July, 55 treatments took place at St Mary’s.

Ms Turner said: “We run a number of campaigns, and after that we often see a spike in referrals.”

A number of patients chose to delay treatment — to take time away, or take more time to make a decision — which, Ms Turner said, contributed to the low statistics.

Long wait times for procedures at mainland hospitals also delayed potential treatments.

She said: “The number of time breaches varies from month to month.

“This month, we had 11, out of 55, but had we only had 40 treatments this month with the 11 breaches, the figures would have looked a lot lower.

“Only a very small percentage remain on the Island for treatment.”