STUDENTS aren't the only ones achieving at St George’s School.

School dog Poppy — who has been supporting students at the special school for three years, helping to boost their self esteem, reduce anxiety and comfort them when they are upset — has been awarded 'Pets as Therapy' status.

Her certificate has arrived through the post after she at the weekend having completed her assessment back in January.

Pets as Therapy is an organisation that specialises in animal assisted therapy, enabling volunteers to share their time — and their wonderful pets — with those who need them.

St George's deputy head Steff Gleeson said: "Many students seem naturally comfortable in the presence of dogs, especially Poppy.

"The contact between dog and student encourages physical interaction, which helps to put children at ease and can help the students who are on bespoke programmes as well as those with low self-esteem and anxieties.

"Poppy has her own timetable to work with individuals and small groups who benefit from this unique experience and the results have been outstanding."