This is poor Daisy, who needed stitches after slicing her paw on broken bottles that were left on Binstead beach.

Her owner Sally White, who lives in Binstead, is keen to raise awareness about the dangers of leaving rubbish behind.

Sally said: "On Monday afternoon my father-in-law Roger took my dogs to Binstead beach as it is shaded there. He took Bonnie, my 11-year-old border collie, and Daisy, who is a 23-month-old Sprollie, who with her springer spaniel genes loves to explore.

"Due to gross incompetence from beach goers leaving broken bottles on the beach, I came home to a blood bath. I am a qualified dog first aider and managed to clean the wound with saline, but I knew instantly she needed stitches.

"The vets at both Ryde and Newport Pet Doctors were amazing and Daisy was operated on only a couple of hours after arriving. The pad on her paw had been badly sliced.

"She now has her entire leg in a bandage and needs medicine to prevent infection. She is still very much in pain and very sleepy.

"Her ordeal would have cost £800 if we hadn’t been insured, but if I'm honest, seeing the pained expression on her face is worse than a big bill.

"I am absolutely certain that it was caused by broken glass. My sister's terrier was injured this time last year at that beach.

"It is frequently used by campers throughout the summer. The amount of rubbish left behind is sickening. They even use the woodland area as a toilet, which on numerous times Daisy has rolled in. "There are some good people that use that beach that pick up some of the rubbish every day. But sadly the majority leave broken glass, disposable barbecue grills, food and human waste scattered across the beach.

"Please pick up your rubbish and take it home with you. Think about the consequences of your negligence. You don't have to hear the cries from our pup or see the pained look on her face. We do, and it is torture.

"It isn't safe anymore to walk the dogs there in the summer, which is a shame as it is a shaded walk to the beach and often has a nice breeze."