BLOODY hell! Isle of Wight hot sauce makers Bobby and Rosie Powers have lost their balloon — and have offered a free case of sauce to whoever finds it.

The couple's giant promotional balloon was tethered at the Nightingale Hotel, Shanklin, advertising both Bloody Hell Hot Sauce and the hotel's themed gothic circus events.

But last week the cord snapped, sending the balloon hurtling into the sky. Could it be in France, or maybe just Freshwater?

Bloody Hell Hot Sauce hit the County Press headlines last year when Ghostbusters film star Dan Aykroyd demanded the Powers stop selling their mango and chilli pepper sauce in a similar skull-shaped bottle to his premium vodka.

Faced with a lawsuit from the actor's multi-million pound company, Globefill Inc, which produces Crystal Head Vodka, the couple, of Vernon Square, Ryde, launched a crowdfunding appeal to produce a new bottle.

Bobby, 52, said: "Dino Joachim at the Nightingale was nice enough to put our logo on his balloon for the gothic circus, now he’s worried it will cause an accident somewhere!

"We’re offering a case of Bloody Hell Hot Sauce for its safe return, if it lands in Europe, and I’m sure Dino would offer some free tickets to his circus.

"I hope it comes down to someone clever enough to look us up."