A CARE home on the Isle of Wight was found to require improvement, following a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection.

Cameron House was inspected at the start of April, when 15 people were living at the home.

It was found to be good in three categories — effectiveness, caring, and responsiveness — and to require improvement for safety and whether the service is well-led.

Inspectors said medicines were not always administered properly.

One person was asleep in the morning during a number of rounds, meaning they missed essential medication.

Another did not receive essential medicines for their heart and blood pressure for five days, and while others did not receive regular medicine for pain for three days as no supplies were available.

Mattress pressure was not always checked, leaving residents at risk of injury. Two residents did not receive personal care at lunchtime and remained seated without the pressure relief they needed, placing them at risk of injury.

People had enough to eat and drink, with snacks offered throughout the day and evening. Staff and their families were complimentary about the food.

Inspectors said staff protected people’s rights and acted in their best interests. They said staff were ‘skilled, competent and suitably trained’.

Staff were found to be caring, speaking to people kindly and in a respectful manner.

One staff member pulled up a chair next to a person in the dining room and asked the person if they would like to sit with them as they were on their own. People were included when activities were happening and were always asked if they would like to participate.

A spokesperson for Cameron House said: “We became fully compliant with the couple of issues raised by CQC immediately during the inspection as detailed within the report, and with this, we are pushing to be reinspected as soon as possible.

“We are hugely grateful to our wonderful care team for all their hard work, caring nature and commitment to Cameron House — our care is and always has been second to none and we would like to take this opportunity to praise all of our staff for the wonderful care they deliver to our clients at Cameron House.”