SEAGROVE Bay now has two portable toilets, after a resident highlighted the lack of facilities for summer beach-goers.

Dilapidated public conveniences were demolished as part of a land-swap deal, but delays have meant that new replacements have not yet been built.

Last Monday, Vicky Roome, who described herself as a disgruntled local, said: "The toilets will not be ready for this summer season, which has ruined the summer for many families, as now families won't or rather can't enjoy a day at the beach, with no toilets."

The issue dates back to 2015, when two Seaview property owners offered to knock down the ramshackle toilets at Seagrove Bay and build new conveniences nearby, making way for garage and off-street parking spaces for their homes.

The Isle of Wight Council agreed to designate the property owners as special purchasers for the toilets, and Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council agreed to maintain them once built.

In January 2017, the parish council was told there was a legal hitch in the land swap deal which was delaying the work starting.

The latest hold-up has been created by the need to move a telegraph pole, which has only just been resolved.

A spokesperson for the IW Council said completion should be due in July or August, but the site is just at the groundworks stage.

Clerk for Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council, Mark Pink, said it was a source of frustration.

"It's very frustrating for us. We are managing and refurbishing Puckpool Park toilets and would be happy to maintain Seagrove Bay toilets, as we have previously stated."

On Thursday, Miss Roome sent the County Press a photograph of two mobile toilets, saying: "Finally, have some Portaloos!"