A CENTURY ago, the 'Last Tsar' and other members of the Romanov Royal Family were murdered following the Russian revolution.

However, a few years before, in 1909, Tsar Nicholas and his family were among the royals who visited the Island for Cowes Week and a parade of Britain's Royal Naval fleet in the Solent.

The Tsar, cousin to both George V and Kaiser William of Germany, also visited Barton Manor in East Cowes.

He had also been a naval cadet at the then, Royal Naval College at Osborne House.

The Tsar's family included the Tsarina Alexandra the couple's four daughters and their young son, Alexei who suffered from haemophilia, a genetic condition that prevents the blood clotting.

Now, a century after their deaths, surviving descendants of the Romanov family are coming to East Cowes in July to dedicate a memorial which marks their link with East Cowes.

From July 6 until July 8, East Cowes will remember with a new monument, an exhibition at Barton Manor and a choir specially flown in from Minsk, Belarus.

The monument, a gift to the people of East Cowes is sited on the Jubilee Recreation Ground East Cowes and tells the story of East Cowes's historical importance to the world.

Saint Elizabeth, the Tsar's sister-in-law, was also a regular visitor to East Cowes. The Tsarina's other sister is also buried at St Mildred's Church, Whippingham.

The commemoration events are an important opportunity for East Cowes to be recognised as an important historic destination for people of the Orthodox Church.

The Romanov and Grand Duchess Exhibition takes place between July 7 and 8 at Barton Manor and will include artefacts from the lives and times of the Imperial Royal Family which have been flown to East Cowes from across Europe.

The Romanov concert takes place on July 6 at East Cowes Town Hall on July 6 from 7.30pm. It features music from The Sisters of the St Elizabeth Convent Choir from Minsk in Belarus and the Bloomsbury Quartet.

Tickets are available from East Cowes Heritage Centre, Flix Hair Salon or by calling 07818 432699.