A MEETING to discuss the future of the Isle of Wight Studio School in East Cowes, due to take place tonight, has been postponed while the school continues to explore other options.

The trust behind the Isle of Wight Studio School said they have explored all options available — including expanding the age range — but have yet to find a practical solution.

Calls to save the studio school from closure are growing and a petition has been signed by almost 13,000 people, including Bestival curator Rob da Bank.

A spokesman for the Inspire Academy Trust said: “The studio school model is specifically for pupils to study from Year 10 to Year 13.

"We are not convinced the Department of Education would allow the school to have an intake at Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9 because then the school would no longer be a studio school.

"There are also surplus places on the Isle of Wight for this age group.”

The trust said they were humbled by the support shown over the past few weeks.

Parents Sharon Lake and Amy Lockwood started the Save the Studio School campaign after seeing the change in their children, who both attend.

They said: “This really is a very special school, the parent testimonials show that.

"This school is essential to our Island and should be supported and even seen as a flagship school.”

During the listening period, which runs until 5pm on May 22, interested parties should e-mail their comments to DFE.IOWSS@education.gov.uk.