CONTROVERSIAL plans to radically reshape Medina Yard, Cowes, and to build a new boarding house and netball courts at Ryde School have been given the green light by the Isle of Wight Council.

Both applications were approved by a vote of seven to five at a meeting of the planning committee tonight (Tuesday).

Strong objections to both applications were raised by residents, councillors and local stakeholders.

The application for Medina Yard was approved on the condition that phases one and four of the development run parallel to preserve the marine industry at the site. That means the creation of the marine employment space (phase 4) will have to be given full planning permission before any work can begin at the site.

Speaking on the Medina Yard application, Cllr Paul Fuller said local GP practises may be forced to "raise the draw bridge" and refuse more patients if the development were to go ahead.

Cllr Michael Lilley said: "It looks like Benidorm.

"We are going to get rich, elderly people and we have already heard from the local GP they cannot cope with further patients."

Councillors also discussed the issue of deep water access at Medina Yard.

Because of historic dredging at the site, deep water access has been maintained which is important to the boat building and repair industry.

However, some councillors also spoke in favour of the proposals. Cabinet member for planning and housing, Cllr Barry Abraham, said of the Medina Yard proposal: "I do not believe we are going to get anything better than this."

Plans for the Ryde boarding school were also approved, despite objectors saying they were "too high, too bulky and fundamentally wrong for the area."