THE Isle of Wight is fertile territory for the Green party according to co-leader, Caroline Lucas MP who visited the Island over the weekend. 

As part of her whirlwind tour, Ms Lucas hosted a public meeting at the Riverside Centre, Newport, on Saturday which attracted more than 200 people. 

During the meeting, the MP for Brighton Pavilion supported calls to further develop the Island’s cycling network, introduce 20mph speed limits in residential areas, pursue an Island Act to grant the IW more powers, and sign the local petition against the use of palms oils. 

Explaining why she thinks the Island is a prime target for the Greens, she said: "I think there is something about the love of place, the pride of place.

"That’s what people have in Brighton and I sense exactly the same thing here, the pride in place and wanting it to be the best it can possibly be. 

"And for a lot of people, that is actually about the environment, or social justice. They might not use those words, but they do want it to be a green island."

Having enjoyed a swing in their favour of 12.1 percent at the 2015 general election, there is a belief from Ms Lucas and the local Greens that change is afoot on the Island. 

Green prospective parliamentary candidate for the Island, Vix Lowthion, said: "I’m not saying that we’re going to take over, take control and end the establishment, but the fact we are there and that we’ve got events with Caroline coming over and spending her time here, we are changing the form of debates."

Over the weekend, Ms Lucas also visited the emergency department at St Mary’s Hospital, met with groups in Ryde including Isle Access, the ice rink, the Foodbank, the lifeboat, and Inspiring Women, toured the premises of ethical clothing company Rapanui, and met with Frack Free IW to demonstrate against the renewed licenses to drill for oil off Compton beach.