FOUR staff — one teacher and three support staff — have been made redundant at Sandown Bay Academy following an internal consultation, Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) confirmed today (Wednesday).
The redundancies follow an internal consultation at the troubled school which took place in March, previously revealed in the County Press.
A spokesman for the trust said: "In March, there was an internal consultation at Sandown Bay Academy on the need to reduce staff numbers due to budgetary pressures.
“At the time, 11 support staff and six teachers were identified as being ‘at risk’ of redundancy with five teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) posts proposed to be removed from the staffing structure.”
He added: “Since then, following the notice of staff departures and resignations, seven staff have opted for voluntary redundancy. Of six teachers at risk of redundancy, only one is being made compulsorily redundant, the others having been redeployed or taking voluntary redundancy. Of 11 support staff at risk, we have three compulsory redundancies, the remainder being either redeployed or taking voluntary redundancy.” 
Pupils, parents, and staff gathered outside the school yesterday (Tuesday) to protest the proposed merger with Ryde Academy.