A MEETING to discuss the future of Ryde Arena was held on Monday.
Community activists, Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely, and Isle of Wight Councillors met with AEW — the firm responsible for closing the ice rink — in London.
During the meeting, AEW said they would not be re-opening the rink at this time.
MP Bob Seely said: “I thank AEW for meeting with me, the council and members of the Ryde community.
“The good news is that the council now has a clearer idea of what AEW wants to achieve and what the options are.
“I will work with the council to develop a united view. We're determined to find the right deal for the Island and we will meet with AEW again.
“I will also continue to liaise with the council and the Ryde community as things develop.
“During the meeting, I did suggest to AEW that it would be good for their reputation to allow our kids to use the arena in the interim. Sadly, they did not agree.
“I would like to pay tribute to the young people who continue to skate despite the closure of the rink.”