WALTZING Waters closed its doors at the weekend, signalling the end of a long partnership with Ryde Rotary.
The wishing well, built and installed by members at the attraction back in 1994, has enabled the club to send more than £250,000 to the charity Water Aid, which works to provide clean water and sanitation in the world's poorest countries.
Club members marked the occasion by attending one of the final performances of the show to thank the owner, Alex Donald, and his staff for their support.
President Beryl Ely said: "We are incredibly grateful to Alex for allowing us to site the wishing well at Waltzing Waters and for promoting it at the end of each performance.
"We are also grateful to one of our members, John Busby, who has gone in each week for the past 17 years to empty and clean the well and then count and bank all the coins collected.
"He estimates he's counted in the region of £190,000 in that time."
As previously reported, the Isle of Wight Council is not renewing the attraction's lease after 15 years at Westridge.