A DEFIBRILLATOR has been stolen from outside Cowes Chiropractic Clinic.

Staff at the clinic, who said they were disappointed by the theft, last remembered seeing it on Thursday, January 18, and believe it was stolen at some point over last weekend.

The ambulance service has been informed and a report has been filed with the police.

Receptionist Emma Hutchings said: "To get the defibrillator, we spent a long time fundraising and working with the British Heart Foundation who are desperate to get them out into the community.

"We didn't want to have one with a lock, because we felt it was an unnecessary barrier, but perhaps that is the way we will have to go."

Emma said they hoped that CCTV footage from over the weekend would help identify who took the defibrillator. They currently do not know if they will have to pay to replace it.

"We are hoping that whoever has taken it will return it. If anyone knows anything we encourage them to call police on 101," she said.