MP BOB Seely joined a government delegation to Israel this week, and ended up getting his car clamped.

The Isle of Wight MP visited Jerusalem before travelling to Hamas and Jericho in the Palestinian territories with colleagues from the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, a cross-party committee appointed to scrutinise government foreign policy.

Sharing a photo from Jerusalem he said: "Peace and love, it ain't.

"Was en route to visit Aida, a refugee camp on the edge of Bethlehem, dubbed 'the most tear-gassed place on earth.'"

Mr Seely later shared a photo of himself in a Hamas tunnel near the Gaza Strip. The military tunnels run beneath many Gazan towns and cities.

Mr Seely said: "Israelis point out they have right to defend their people. Here I’m in a Hamas tunnel 1-2 kms from the Gaza Strip, designed to smuggle fighters into Israel.

"It was a busy day up top: audible Egyptian mortar/artillery shelling of ISIS positions over the border."

It was during a visit to Jericho in the West Bank that Mr Seely encountered his car troubles. He said: "Just been clamped in Jericho, West Bank. Is this an example of the rule of law or just a pain in the b*m?"