Island voice teacher Amy Bottriell-Nye suggests that there are not enough opportunities for young people to perform. However she commends Platform One and says: ‘Through this college, amazing performance opportunities are available.’

Amy gave more examples of places for modern and pop singers to perform: ‘I would encourage them to enter competitions, go to open mic evenings, perform through school and I’ve even encouraged students to try busking, if appropriate.’ 

It appears that the amount of opportunities available may not be the only thing holding young performers back.

In Amy’s opinion, lack of confidence is a contributor.

"Very often, over the years, I’ve observed this lack of performance experience then lead to students feeling despondent and discouraged to want to pursue any further opportunities to perform," Amy said. 

Amy also gives a solution to young people finding it difficult to perform.

She explains how if finding opportunities to perform is arduous perhaps there's a way to make your own.

"We now live in a time of social media where it is possible to share your talent and your musicality to a wide audience," she said.

When asked about the extent to which they believe the Island has opportunities to perform, young people said there are many. 

The young performers I've spoken to expressed a particular favour for amateur drama groups. A reason for this is that the prolonged work and dedication is gratifying. 

Rafe Hodge Thomas (performer aged 17) when talking about a recent performance of Les Miserables with Curtain Call Creative (an Isle of Wight based Performing Arts Academy for six to 18 year olds) explained: "It had been an incredibly challenging but fulfilling experience."

Betsy Franklin (performer aged 19) said: “I love the feeling of working for months and putting your heart and soul into something and then showing that to an audience, there is nothing like it.” 

It's certain that the Island is full of budding young singers, dancers, and actors.

My advice to them would be to keep looking for performances in the aforementioned places and to not give up because, as Amy said, ‘Ultimately, performance is a two-way exchange and can be such an incredible experience.’

The arts is an important part of our local community and as Betsy said: "If you have a love for theatre you will be able to perform."