Cowterspace: An Isle of Wight Apollo Youth Theatre production.

Who knew a small bet could lead to a seemingly impossible space themed phenomenon? Jack and Jill, played by May Wilson and River Szawiel, set foot on a thought provoking mission to find the answer on how to get a cow to outer space. With the whole of Nashville town involved and on board, the audience was left wondering how it could possibly be done.

Cowterspace is played by a young team of actors with a wide range of ages, all of which are full of talent.

Each of the characters are played wonderfully, talking to the audience (whilst keeping in character) and keeping everyone on the edge of their seat.

Everyone fulfilled their character outstandingly, for example Desmond Dish who was the baddie. He left the audience laughing at his puns yet booing at his harsh nature and his attempts to evict Jack and Jill and their family. Another character was Margey the cow. She was played by a young actress, who despite her age, played her role brilliantly. Her cute and loveable character won over the audience immediately and got everyone supporting Nashville town on their mission.

There was also romance incorporated into the plot - one of which was rather unlikely!

The play was based on some famous nursery rhymes and was cleverly put together to form a light hearted, comical play. It concluded with some festive music, enlightening the atmosphere.

Review by Becca Beeney, part of the County Press Young Reporter Scheme