Why is internet and video streaming at nearly two per cent of worldwide electrical consumption (to rise to eight per cent once 5G kicks in) never mentioned in the various COP discussions as something that anyone can cut back on?

For instance 95 per cent of global video streaming from Netflix, Youtube, Amazon etc apparently goes through servers in West Virginia (BBC3 dirty internet programme) all fuelled by the neighbouring coal-powered Dominion power station.

So, according to Netflix, one hour of watching their output has the same energy requirement and CO2 emissions as a car travelling 1.2 km.

To put into context, the recent blockbuster hit Squid Game watched by over 140 million people for its nine-hour duration on Netflix is therefore equivalent to the energy and CO2 emissions generated by nine million cars travelling140km!

And that’s just for one programme! Why is this issue of the dirty internet not being discussed?

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