100 years ago - November 16, 1918

The IW rejoiced after news the armistice had been signed reached Islanders’ ears.

The first news came from Parkhurst Barracks and crowds assembled in front of the Guildhall and rejoiced at the good news.

Official confirmation was posted in the County Press window and the Union Jack was quickly run up over the Guildhall.


A Cowes greengrocer and confectioner was charged with selling sweets at an excessive price.

The prosecutor said Mr Joliffe had exceeded the allowed 3d per ounce of chocolate and 2d per ounce of sweets.

He had, in fact, been charging 10d for a quarter of a pound.

75 years ago - November 20, 1943

A nurse accepted a lift in a Jeep which would later collide with her father.

Rose Cunningham left a dance and accepted a lift from an army Jeep home. At the same time, her father cycled home from work.

When the Jeep turned into Miss Cunningham’s road, it hit her father off his cycle.


About 25 tons of hay went up in flames at Shalcombe.

The hay, which belonged to Mr H. Pettitt of Shalcombe Holding, was believed to have been ignited by a signal light fired by troops.

Crews from Newport and Freshwater responded and saved a large part of the stock.

50 years ago - November 9, 1968

The Forestry Commission reminded Islanders not to order Christmas trees from abroad.

The importation of conifers, including the traditional Christmas tree, the Norway spruce, had been prohibited because serious damage could be caused in home woodlands by the introduction of diseases and pests that did not exist in British forests.


A new shelter was built on Ryde Esplanade which could house two pumps capable of pumping 2,500 gallons of surface flood water a minute.

It is hoped they would help to alleviate the flooding often experienced in the winter months.

The building cost more than £10,000.

25 years ago - November 12, 1993

Proposals to spend £400,000 to further upgrade facilities at Cowes Yacht Haven were revealed by Cowes Town Waterfront Trust.

The application was submitted to Medina’s planners to convert the seaward end of the main boat shed to accommodate new facilities and to refurbish the sea wall.

The conversion was designed to harmonise with the nautical surroundings.


A Cowes firm acted fast to go to the aid of a jumbo jet which overshot Kai Tak Airport and ended up in Hong Kong Harbour.

Seaflex Ltd, a company from the J. Samuel White estate, was called upon to help.

The company was loading its stock of airbags, which could lift 304 tons, within four hours.

10 years ago - November 14, 2008

A torrent of filthy water flooded into homes in Newport as storms battered the Island.

One young family were not able to return home until after Christmas when water and what they feared was raw sewage flooded their property in Newport.

The council issued nearly 400 sandbags and multiple trees fell down across the Island.


Diamond jewellery was among items stolen from a Shanklin home.

Detectives investigated the burglary, at a home in Queens Road, where the thieves stole diamond jewellery, credit cards, bracelets and several gold pendants.