After attending a meeting on November 19 with PTEC and its representatives, residents still have grave concerns regarding the siting of the proposed transformer compound inside the Southern Water site adjacent to Flowersbrook public space.

It was confirmed to the residents that the noise assessment was based on a similar 20MW transformer, not the 30MW as per the application.

Our MP was informed there would be nine floating Orbital 02 tidal turbines, 74m in length, off the coast at St. Catherine’s Point. PTEC’s original estimated costs were approximately £130m and it has been revised downwards to £70m.

One must ask the question if this ever was a viable project, it certainly doesn’t appear to be one now.

On the IW Council planning website there is a letter dated November 3 from TF Property Solutions on behalf of Red Squirrel Ltd, over whose land the access is required.

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It states unequivocally that PTEC has no right over their property or to modify the entrance to their land. They have no intention of granting PTEC such rights and have made the position very clear to PTEC.

With no permission to access the proposed substation site one wonders why PTEC is still pursuing its planning application?

With no backup access plans, this project appears to be dead in the water.

A new investor would certainly carry out due diligence before committing a great deal of money to this untested demonstration tidal project.

The last accounts (March 31, 2020) on the Companies House website shows PTEC is in debt for approximately £2.4m.

This raises the question — how is the IW Council going to recover its £1m loan from a company that has no assets and no access to the site.