My thanks to a number of campaigners, MPs and Surfers Against Sewage relentlessly campaigning for the amendment to the Environment Bill, to ensure the Environment Act would benefit from key improvements for laws on sewage pollution, plastic pollution and ocean recovery.

Thanks to the tireless campaigns from people, there is now more of an emphasis on water companies providing information to the public, on issues such as any time that a sewer overflow discharges, so that anyone wanting to enjoy seas and rivers can now make an informed choice to do so.

Water companies also will have to monitor and report on the impact of sewage discharges on water quality, which in turn will provide the public with information on which companies are the worst polluters, and provide us with an opportunity to apply public pressure on them.

The government must make a plan to tackle sewage pollution and present this to parliament by September 2022, and has placed a legal duty on water companies to progressively reduce the adverse impact of discharges from storm overflows.

The public must remain vigilant and observe that these plans all come to light accordingly.

There will be a family-friendly gathering of all sea-lovers against sewage pollution, with a firm emphasis holding water companies accountable, tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am, at Yaverland.

Come along and wear costumes, bring banners and enjoy a dip if you dare.

Please be aware that the sea is very cold at this time of year, so it is important that swimmers who dip are experienced and acclimatised to the sea. You enter at your own risk.