I was amazed to read Cllr Ian Ward’s upset at the withdrawal of a Disneyland opportunity for Dinosaur Island currently in Sandown.

Investors must ask themselves is such a location viable?

A Disneyland-style venture requires strong transport links connected to the mainland.

As there are no obvious significant sustainable transport links to Culver Parade connecting to the mainland, how could a venture there work?

No doubt Cllr Ward would have supported huge car parking. That would destroy the natural beauty of a scene where Culver Cliffs meet sea and beach to provide something precious which should be respected, not polluted.

I should also add as a resident of The Fairway, I do not want traffic re-routed here.

Cllr Ward has shown an interest in the monument “roundabout” at the head of The Fairway, and I would remind him that climate action requires traffic reduction, not speeding up. A look at the result in Newport of £9.6 million spent on St Mary’s roundabout leaves the question — what did that achieve?

With regard to derelict hotels in Sandown — whose responsibility is that?

I have written over a number of years about the disgraceful state of the block on Fitzroy Street, which stands within a minute’s walk of where Cllr Ward lives.