I, along with many Sandown residents and business owners, am incredulous that the current IW Council can seemingly walk away from a possible investment in Sandown, purportedly of more than £30 million for the Dinosaur Isle site area, which would be one of the largest educational, academic and leisure investments on the Island.

Sandown is a holiday destination which is mainly reliant on visitors for its income.

Under investment by successive administrations has left Sandown town, and in particular the area of the canoe lake, Browns and Dinosaur Isle in urgent need of regeneration.

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An investment of this magnitude would surely encourage the development of our derelict hotels and improvements to the high street shops, as well as bringing much-needed employment to the area.

It does not seem that detailed proposals have been properly presented yet, due to the delays in the bidding process and assumptions on the future of Browns and claims of “more plastic dinosaurs”.

Petitions are rarely organised to support things, only to make protests and a comprehensive consultation process is needed in order to properly gauge requirements and opinions.

The council seem open to finding another site for the park on the Island, which does nothing to aid the need to regenerate Sandown. Why?

This would seem to be a golden opportunity to co-ordinate development of the canoe lake, Browns and Dinosaur Isle area into a great facility for the benefit of the town and the Island in general.

Will our council carry out a proper review with full details of the proposal, or waste the possibility?