Regarding the Southern Vectis service on November 10.

I write this with much anger at the sloppy and disgraceful way passengers are treated by some drivers.

The culprit was the Number 1 bus from Newport to Cowes at 5.40am, calling at the Park and Ride at 5.51am.

The driver must have been late for work, as he sailed passed the Park and Ride stop, even though there were two passengers waiting.

My son had a very important medical appointment in Southampton. I feel this driver is giving Southern Vectis a very bad name.

Was he asleep? Did he care about his passengers? How lucky he is to have a job. A job with dignity, service and mostly with respect of his passengers, listening to the 'thank-yous' as they get off the bus.

He doesn’t deserve the job he has, he obviously has no thought whatsoever to the care of his passengers.

The Southern Vectis website is the same - you fill in the complaints form, try and prove you are not a robot and they reject it for any silly reason. Why can't we write to headquarters and the managing director any more?

I wonder how many Isle of Wight residents and visitors are reading this letter and shaking their heads, having been through it all before.

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