I was pleased to read the letter from Pat Holland (CP online, 08-11-21) about the benefits of the two-week October half-term.

Like your correspondent, I am perplexed at the decision of the Alliance administration to scrap this school term structure without any engagement with parents or students — particularly given that they are the ones most affected.

Aside from the benefits of being able to access cheaper holidays, there are also educational upsides.

This is particularly the case for both A-level and GCSE students, those of us who are studying for upcoming exams or have done previously know the benefits of the two-weeks.

I know of many Year 13 students who were able to put the two-week October half-term to good use.

Not only did students get to spend some much-needed quality time with their families, but crucially were able to undertake additional revision ahead of mock examinations. In a one-week half-term this isn’t as well accommodated.

These mock examination results, especially for Year 13, are important as they are used to inform predicted grades that accompany university applications. Many Year 13 students are planning to submit these prior to Christmas.

In recent years, Isle of Wight sixth-formers (unlike elsewhere in the country) have uniquely been able to enjoy this benefit. Why now take it away without even asking the views of students?

I feel sorry for the current Year 12 who, as things stand, will not benefit from this two-week period in 12 months time.

It’s time for the Alliance to start listening to those affected by their decisions.

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