I am deeply concerned about the strategy of Bob Seely and the trade-offs he seems prepared to make in order to maintain credibility with his own party (CP online, 22-10-21).

Surrendering our right to clean water round our coasts in return for a vague promise of more funding is short-sighted.

Islanders value safe bathing and all the benefits to our wellbeing and tourist economy, as pointed out by our genuinely local politicians.

Bob Seely’s letter reveals a lot about the nature of government.

It would appear that MPs do not vote for what is in the interests of their local community or for what is morally right.

Instead they earn points for good behaviour by calculating whether a bill is going to pass.

If the margin is wide enough, they can get credit for voting with the party that they serve which may lead to favourable funding.

Sadly, as we know from the government’s handling of public finance throughout the pandemic in relation to the health and education services, that money may never materialise.

We must ask ourselves whose interests are being represented — the governing party or the constituency that elected Bob Seely?

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