Bob Seely has informed NHS campaigners that he intends to vote along party lines in favour of the Health and Care Bill when it comes before Parliament for its second reading on November 23.

This bill is the final nail in the NHS coffin. It will restrict access to our NHS, weaken safe working conditions for NHS staff, and promotes private health providers.

Many of these private health providers, unsurprisingly, rich Conservatives and their friends have financial interests in.

After a carefully orchestrated decade of cuts to our NHS, waiting lists have become so horrendous many who can afford it are forced to seek treatment in the private sector as the only way of receiving prompt treatment.

Unsurprisingly television channels are increasingly awash with advertisements promoting private health care.

When David Cameron back in 2009 said, “the NHS was safe in Conservative hands”, we now know nothing was further from the truth.

It is regrettable we have a government that so blatantly lies, misleads and is mired in corruption and sleaze.

The pandemic exposed a government that didn’t simply shake the magic money tree, but felled it to ground in a frenzied rampage to line their mates' pockets with millions of pounds in dodgy PPE contracts.

Am I surprised Bob Seely intends to vote along party lines and not queer his pitch with his party's leadership? Not at all.

Like many, Mr Seely is typical of the new breed of shallow career politician, with a public school boy sense of entitlement gained from a life of privilege, that’s tempered with a healthy disdain for the lower classes - constituents.

Mr Seely would do well to reflect on the public mood before deciding which division lobby to walk through on November 23.

Only a supremely arrogant and delusional back-bench MP messes with our NHS and expects to be re-electable.

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