As a partner in a tourist business, I am somewhat concerned how the DBid voting process has been run.

There are a number of businesses that have not received any voting papers, ourselves included.

I have raised issues about who has to pay this extra tax to fund tourism on the Island because the biggest benefactors of tourism on the Island, namely the supermarkets, do not appear to be paying anything towards it.

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Also with the number of Airb&b, surely they should be contributing something towards tourism on the Island?

Now it looks as though there has been a 35 per cent turnout of members of which 55 per cent voted in favour and we need to question how many businesses did not receive a ballot paper that potentially could have resulted in a different outcome.

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The council collects the business rates from the tourism businesses on the Island and should be well aware of where they are and who they are, especially as they would have been dealing with them on the pandemic payments.

This whole process has left a bad taste in the mouth, particularly if the result is left to stand.