I am getting very tired of national media criticising the government over their handling of the Covid pandemic.

I cannot see the point in public enquiries and not do I understand the people suing for compensation over the “mishandling “ by the government, other than greed.

After all, the money will never bring back the loved one lost to the virus, so what is the point.

I have recently read The Secret History of the Blitz by Joshua Levine.

In chapter three he makes a comment which I feel is very pertinent to the Covid pandemic.

“When assessing the performance of the government — and asking whether it did a good job for its people — we must first remind ourselves that the Blitz amounted to an unknown, and unknowable prospect.

“Just as the government was having to guess at the size of the death toll and the number of psychological casualties.”

Perhaps people should take this onboard before criticising any public body or agency just replace the word blitz with Covid pandemic.

I honestly feel that the government, regardless of which party is in power, handled the issue to the best of their ability using the information available at any point in time.

We all make mistakes but we all believe we make the right decision all the time until the unknown or unforeseen rears its ugly head, so perhaps we should accept what has happened and learn from it for future reference and hope we never have to go through such a horrendous experience again.

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