My husband, Eddie, and I moved here a couple years ago from our modest terraced house in Tuebrook, Liverpool, and we moved to the island’s metropolis town, and wannabe city, Newport.

Despite its cute name, it was a bit of a pigsty really. Feral urchins on the streets, closed shops and pubs and the nightlife isn’t up to much.

Tuebrook was hardly any different to be honest. But I think we’re glad we moved. We like being Townies. One problem though, it’s not very well connected is it, the IW.

Now that we’ve been jabbed thrice, we want to get out and about and go travelling.

The trouble is, getting abroad from here is trickier than we thought it would be. We’ve just been for a mini city break to Germany. What a palava!

We flew from London City Airport, the only one with convenient-timed flights. To get there in time for our 1.30pm flight, we got a bus to Ryde at 6.50am, a boat to Portsmouth at 7.45am, a train to London at 8:15am and a tube to City Airport at 10.10am.

Coming back took 12 hours door-to-door. That’s dreadful! So we have to factor in an overnight stay at the airports!

The only alternative is to make radical decisions about a fixed link or if I could add my own suggestion and bold it is too.

The estuarine portion of the Medina is barely used for trade, only marginally built on and at low tide, it stinks! Time to bury it!

I propose we build an international airport on top of it with its terminal next to the Steakhouse in Seaclose Park. ‘Newport (IOW) International Airport’ has a ring to it. Don’t you think?

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