I cannot claim to be an expert in such matters, but to follow logic; I wonder if the effectiveness of renewable energy may dwindle as an outcome of its own success.

I refer to the increasing introduction of wind / tidal turbines, voltaic photocells, heat pumps and alike which, together with the reduction of hydrocarbon burning and other measures, should promote an improvement in our atmosphere and help stabilize global warming. It will be great when the world climate’s decline slows down and to potentially reverse, however:

As the atmosphere recovers, the strength of (more efficient) ultraviolet light to fall on photocells will weaken.

As global temperature drops, the heat energy retained in air and ground, relied upon by heat pumps, will reduce.

As weather systems reduce in dynamics, the blades of wind-turbines and for tidal capture will slow in rotation.

Renewable energy provides a welcome stop gap as its generation thrives on the consequences of Earth’s chaos.

As our world improves and technology explores new alternatives; more efficient and sustainable methods for energy generation will dominate.

As we have grown to know for coal, oil and gas, there is no bottomless pit for renewables.

Nothing in nature is free without consequence.

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