There will be very few of you that haven’t seen the decision by the Conservative Party to support the pumping of sewage into our rivers and seas, a decision supported by our MP Bob Seely.

My reaction to this news was “basic” as he had sat in front of me at a meeting with Southern Water (as reported in the CP) and lied that he would table his own amendment to the bill and protect the quality of our seas.

So why lie Bob? Political reasons? You couldn’t help it? You don’t actually understand most of the topics you vote on?

Looking at your voting record, you voted against incentives for low-carbon electricity generation, against rebuilding the economy around a green industrial revolution and making it work in the interests of the majority of the population.

But you did vote in favour of reducing local government income (our council's money) by 56 per cent (comparing 2019 to 2017).

So what can we trust you on ?

I notice you are currently pushing the theory of “exceptional circumstances”, to reduce the housing target on the Island.

Where will the 2,400 families on the housing waiting list live? (Though if you lose your seat, that frees up one rental property).

You claim to support the building of affordable housing, but your stance on this goes directly against it.

If we continue to follow your vision for the Island, we will need to introduce a brown-flag system for our beaches to warn of sewage days and convert all our hotels into emergency accommodation for families that can’t afford to rent a home, as none will be built.

In hindsight, my 'basic' reaction seems the correct one.

Editor's footnote: The 'basic' reaction mentioned involved Mr Quigley describing Mr Seely as an 'arse' over this issue.

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