I was pleased to read the reports in the County Press of the forthcoming demolition of the Fawley Power Station chimney this weekend.

This tower has blighted the view off the north coast of the Island for around two generations and I was reliably informed all those years ago it stopped the ex Prime Minister and yachtsman, the late Edward Heath, from purchasing a property in Cowes.

It is disappointing that it is timed so early in the day when if held later it could be a spectacle for the public to gather and enjoy and I can only hope that the New Holmwood Hotel will kindly fix the view of their webcam to the scene for the period of the event.

And when done, can 'demolition man' please turn his attention to that other blight that sits off the Parade at Cowes namely the new breakwater or deflector as it is so called, whose benefit remains minuscule compared to the damage done to the vista and impact on the navigation of the harbour and river.

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