Never mind about all this ‘levelling up’ nonsense, isn’t it more important to just ‘level’ with the British public? 

Dominic Raab, Elizabeth Truss, Priti Patel, Chris Skidmore and Kwasi Kwarteng, all contributed to the book, Britannia Unchained, which portrays the British as, “among the worst idlers in the world”.

I am sure they would know about such things, but aren’t matters considerably worse?

The Department for Business estimates the bounce-back loan scheme could cost the taxpayer £27bn in fraud or credit losses.

That’s £27bn, yes, billion, not million, enough money to fund the £20 Universal Credit up lift for four years.

So who’s got this taxpayers’ money, our money? Feckless British workers? Government cronies? Companies? I’ve checked under my bed, I haven’t got it.

Perhaps Dame Cressida Dick, when she and her fellow police commissioners have finished gaslighting, could investigate and recover the billions of taxpayers’ money that’s been paid to companies who have claimed furlough payments for non-existent employees, although I appreciate it’s probably a big ask to request Scotland Yard to go this extra mile.