On Sunday, October 10, I needed to get to Southampton to play in a national indoor bowls competition, the Champion of Champions.

I checked the timetables and found a 11.27am No. 1 bus to take me to the Red Jet from the park and ride at Somerton.

I arrived early for the previous bus at 10.57am which didn't materialise.

I wasn't worried as I would get the 11.27am. It would meet the Red Jet departing at 11.35am.

The bus arrived a minute late — no worries, they know what they are doing.

I arrived at the Red Jet, having had to run from Carvel Lane as they now stop there. Red Jet gone! Thanks for that. Next one leaves at 12.55pm. My national competition starts at 1pm. Not going to work, is it?

I waited very patiently. I contacted my lift the other side and told them to go ahead as I would need to now get a taxi and didn't want them waiting. So, I now had to pay £10 for a taxi to the venue. Thank you, Red Jet and Southern Vectis!

Why do you not talk to one another? Would it not be sensible to have the bus five minutes earlier so we, the paying public, have a connecting service? The bus meeting the Red Jet in Southampton connects to take us to the trains etc.

I've heard all the tales about Covid taking drivers away and strikes being threatened, so don't come back with these.

Get your act together — please.

Editor's note: Gabrielle did reach Atherley Bowls Club in Southampton in time and won 21-5 — she is now waiting to hear who her next opponent in the championship will be, and where she will need to travel to. She doesn't receive any sponsorship to help with travel costs.

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