Thank you to Tony Toller for replying my letter — there is nothing better than a healthy debate.

However, he implied that I was living in the past with my views on opposing the fixed link, where I had mentioned the increased crime that would come to the Isle of Wight if we had a fixed link — and those were not my words, they were the words of Hampshire Police at the time, albeit 20 years ago.

But nothing has changed, in fact crime in Britain is far worse now than then.

Does he not read the press of the prolific crimes against the person — especially with regard knife and gun crimes? Our country was relatively safe back then compared to now.

But what of his overall complaint against our ferry services — stating that they are unsustainable in the long term,

Well, look no further than last week's headlines (CP online, 08-10-21) where an Isle of Wight-based consortium is planning a new ferry firm for the Island.

The Isle of Wight Council has looked into this in the past and will no doubt give their backing in due course — plus the support of the Island's MP.

So, I read this as the ferries are indeed sustainable in the long term.

I reiterate that the vast negative impacts far outweigh any consideration for a fixed link and people who would vote such are not Islanders, or Island-minded.

Yes I do acknowledge that some Islanders want a fixed link, but the vast majority do not and never have.

Mostly, and with respect, most campaigning for a fixed link, have moved here and don't like being cut off.

I know personally of people who have moved here from the mainland and don't like being cut off from their mainland families that they have left behind.

This is sad and understandable and the Island is a beautiful place, but the only alternative might be to move back?

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