With reference to the last paragraph of Cllr Phil Jordan’s letter (CP online, 03-10-21) “… if that indicates a new vessel then the Alliance will not hesitate to take that decision …”.

In view of this commitment, might I suggest we go back to Victorian engineering.

By that, I mean a Transporter Bridge. This is a structure which involves a tower each side of the river, with a girder across them both at a height to be decided, and a hanging platform beneath for pedestrians and cars.

The road infrastructure is already in place, the A3021.

The plus points are:

1. The existing chains will not be required and would be removed, thus eliminating noise.

2. There will be no pollution as it will be powered by electricity, and is therefore green. (Floating Bridge 5 used over 2,000 litres of diesel every two weeks.)

3. Minimal maintenance as there is no contact with the river, and it can be painted as the Forth Railway Bridge system, ie: every 25 years.

4. Direct access for cars and passengers.

5. Simple girder construction, and could be made on the Island.

6. Be a tourist attraction, as well as fulfilling its primary requirement.

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