I refer to the article on climate strategy approval (CP, 24-09-21) which reported the Isle of Wight Council only has direct control over about one per cent of the Island's carbon emissions, presumably meaning CO2 emissions.

In fact council planning strategy and decisions potentially have a significant impact on controlling emissions.

In transport, the council can reduce car usage through parking restrictions domestic, commercial (with big employers required to provide alternatives), public and also increasing public transport.

An additional bus station in the west of the Isle of Wight could serve the area better with smaller, more regular buses on shorter routes. New traffic generating drive-ins should be stopped.

Increasing public transport use, for example, through new housing estate development linked to bus routes. In housing, requiring home insulation on new builds, encouraging renewable energy, heat pumps etc.

Please do not get duped by the 'no hope' forecasts of Cllr Ian Ward who really should resign, as by his own reported statement, he has so little to offer.

This Island has so much to contribute to a national sustainable future in renewable energy, food production and tourism and with the emphasis on such — a positive economic future.

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