Reniera O'Donnell writes, in response to my article in (CP online, 26-09-21) “I am an immigrant... someone who should be fingerprinted and DNA-tested....”

I was clearly talking of illegal immigrants at that point, though oddly enough, I suggested in an earlier article, (CP, 30-06-17) that all of us should have this identity data on record.

She also writes (CP online, 02-10-21) that even with no immigration the population will still grow, despite the birth-rate falling.

The present scientific thinking is that we are all descended from people emigrating from East Africa – we're all cousins Reniera! And all immigrants.

My point is numbers; there is a limit to the people this realm can support without great unrest.

Sarah McCarthy-Fry says (CP online, 04-10-21) the people crossing the Channel are fleeing from war-torn countries; while I would not blame people for trying to put France behind them, it's over the top to describe it as “war-torn”.

I would not oppose the government coming to an international agreement to allow some immigration from hard-hit areas providing the numbers took into account the population densities of the hosting countries.

To take no effective steps against illegal immigration while keeping out Afghani interpreters on whose help we have depended turns my stomach over.

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