So why, as we begin to emerge from this pandemic are we all of a sudden seeing prices rising, empty supermarket shelves, energy prices going sky high, and petrol shortages, surely all this should have been happening during the height of the pandemic?

It doesn’t make any sense. What on earth is going on?

Welcome to government's inflation scam.

If the buying power of the pound is effectively halved in value through rising inflation, then a £2 trillion debt in real terms becomes £1 trillion in respect of its real value.

Of course, as inflation is hyped, salaries and pensions will need to rise a little, with those in employment being expected to work harder.

The government will be quick to claim they are levelling up and lifting household incomes, indeed, they are already saying wages are rising, even though the buying power of that pound in everyone’s pocket is considerably less.

It’s a Machiavellian game-play, that really only Boris Johnston and his ministerial playmates would have had the bare-faced cheek to enact.

But then again, his like have always viewed the British public as a stupid feckless resource to abuse and exploit.

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