David Pratt, Bembridge:

My wife was admitted to hospital and was due to be released in January 2020.

But she caught Covid in St Mary's and was shuttled around for three months.

My wife was denied the NHS six weeks re-enablement plan — they were full up.

She finally arrived home on a hospital bed with a ripple mattress showing serious confusion, memory breakages, incontinence, loss of appetite, weakness (now immobile) and visits from three carers daily.

I am 24/7 carer at 82. Without respite.

I have been trying since July to access the long-Covid clinic set up on the IW as part of the government's £10million funding.

No health professional has heard of it, and it takes a GP referral.

I think the CP should tell the public. All those being 'saved' from covid seem to have symptoms ongoing.

  • County Press update: The Long Covid clinic does need a GP referral. Please speak to your GP if you think you need an assessment.