This is a copy of a letter to Bob Seely, MP.

I've been grateful to receive two Covid vaccinations so far and I encourage others to make the same choice.

However, I'm now worried by a shift towards a policy of coercion.

There is a great responsibility on government to protect people's health, but this is not the only important thing which needs protection at this point.

British values of democracy, liberty and individual choice would all be damaged by measures which in effect force people to accept medical inventions against their will.

Even with public support this would represent a dramatic shift in the relationship between individuals and the state.

Compulsory vaccination and a widespread health passport scheme also imply a system which would log citizens' daily movements.

Even though intentions for this are good, it is a very dangerous step for a society which values personal freedoms.

In the difficult decisions ahead, I urge you to keep these values — so strongly associated with life in Britain — at the forefront of discussion as it may not be possible to roll back measures imposed in difficult times.

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