Who can tell me who is responsible for monitoring the use of e-scooters on the Isle of Wight, as I am led to understand they are on trial?

My dog was almost run over by one on September 19 on the cycle path between Shanklin and Wroxall.

The wretched thing came barreling up at speed with blaring music and my dog, who has 100 per cent recall, took off terrified and I had big trouble getting her to stop and come back to me.

I tried to ask the council if they are allowed on cycle paths, but they didn't know and I was given a Midlands telephone number that does not respond to your calls and just cuts you off.

What is being done to keep us and our pets safe? Where are these scooters legal and where are they not?

Who do we contact? Council (no joy), police (website does not accommodate this incident), local councillors? Who please?

Everyone seems to pass the buck.

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