I’m not a traffic management engineer, just an ordinary Newportonian Caulkhead.

But even I can see that by not adjusting the Snook’s Hill traffic lights to cater for the vastly increased traffic flow in Staplers Road during the Isle of Wight Festival’s one way traffic arrangement, the highway authority (i.e. the council) are solely responsible for the appalling gridlock around Coppins Bridge and central Newport last week.

As there is at least twice as much traffic using Staplers Road during this time, doubling the green light time to enter and exit Staplers Road would prevent this gridlock from occurring.

Yes, there will be more delays for the inbound traffic in Fairlee Road, but any tailbacks there will not cause the sort of delays, frustration extra pollution and gridlock experienced by those of us unfortunate enough to actually live in the area.

Surely it can’t be that difficult?

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