I have serious concerns about the Isle of Wight Festival going ahead. Please reconsider this.

As we all know, Covid cases are rising at a steady rate.

How can you possibly allow the festival to go ahead? I know that it will boost the economy. But what is more important? Boosting the economy or protecting the lives of many?

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What about the one and only hospital on the Island which is already under a lot of pressure?

We have already seen more and more cases of Covid going into hospital.

The Island only has one hospital and to have this influx of people coming in could put the hospital under extreme stress and eventual collapse. We need to protect our healthcare system.

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Why put a risk on people’s health? When you can postpone this festival to next year when, hopefully, Covid will be behind us.

I am extremely disappointed that this festival might go ahead when we are still in the midst of this pandemic.

I get it. We are all tired of it and want life to resume back to normal.

But we must take heed and be careful not to increase the infections in case of another lockdown. I don’t think you would want another lockdown?

And this doesn’t take into account the cleaning up process.

Who will do that? Who will get rid of disposed rapid antigen tests? We saw at the Reading Festival that there were rapid antigen tests carelessly strewn about.

We have a duty of care to look after this Island.

To not let it become a breeding ground for Covid. It’s already a breeding ground for drugs.

Please consider cancelling the festival for the sake of people’s healths and to protect lives.

Let the festival come next year when truly I believe that Covid will be lagging behind and coming to its end stage.