This is an extract from a letter written to the director of Sandown Airport.

"Dear Mr Subhani,

We are both passionate about Sandown and will support any event or business that will encourage visitors and residents to the town.

However, we draw the line when an event occurs which we feel has a detrimental impact on the residents of Sandown. We are referring to the event which took place this bank holiday weekend organised by Adventure001Ltd.

We had to endure three days of constant noise and air pollution caused by an excessive number of helicopters giving people a ride; using three helicopters, one flying over every four to five minutes, from 10am until 7pm, amounting to well over 50 flights a day, equalling over 150 flights in three days.

We welcome events at the airport and often attend them ourselves and we are good customers of the airport bistro. However, our weekend was ruined by the amount of helicopters flying above our bungalow and we understand this company is returning in October.

These helicopters are flying below 500ft above our bungalow.

Furthermore, 68 decibels is considered to be a safe acceptable noise. However, the helicopters' decibels are 87. Clearly not safe nor acceptable.

While we do not consider ourselves killjoys, we do strongly feel the health and wellbeing of the community should be considered against a business who will clearly be raking it in. We're guessing Mr McLaren, the director of Adventure001, will be making far more money than the financial gains the airport has made.

We urge you to reconsider allowing this company, or any other aircraft adventure company, to return.

We tolerated the noise during a recent charity event as it was for a good cause and as the aircraft were not as frequent, but knowing a business is making profits at the expense of people's health is hard to swallow.

Helicopters have been shown to be major sources of polycyclic aromatic hydro carbon particles (pahs) an especially dangerous component of particulate air pollution. Helicopters emit far more CO2 than cars.

We are doing our best in slowing down climate change; with solar panels, water butts, a wildflower area, more trees and an electric car.

We would hope more people like yourself would realise the threat climate change has on the planet and encouraging people to get kicks out of a helicopter ride is not helping the situation.

We believe we are speaking on behalf of many residents in the Bay area who would agree with our sentiments.

We look forward to your reply."